ProfiDrive® Drivers Training

What makes a good driver stand out? A willingness to become even better.

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How do you get the best out of your MAN vehicle? MAN ProfiDrive® shows you. Detailed instruction of the driver in all functions and controls of the truck form the basis for maximum safety and economy in use. Especially efficient is the individual attendance to the driver by a trainer on an accompanied drive. The driver learns how to use the vehicle and its technology on their home ground, and there are no outages with their costs. Safety plus economy is thus the motto of MAN ProfiDrive® training. Economy training naturally focuses on saving fuel, while safety training instructs mastery of the vehicle in critical situations.

Economy training.

The more the cost of fuel increases, the more urgent the need to cut fuel consumption. Economy training aims to teach drivers how to achieve high transport performance and reduce stress on vehicles while saving as much fuel as possible. Noticeable cost reductions can be achieved by consciously cultivating a suitable driving style. Savings of up to three liters of fuel can be achieved over 100 km. And a reduction in exhaust emissions obviously also benefits the environment.

Safety training.

Hit the brakes hard and hope that’s enough. Almost everyone who drives on a day-to-day basis is familiar with this situation. In any event, with traffic density as it is, drivers should be prepared for everything. The best way is to experience critical situations in advance and learn to anticipate situations when driving. During safety training on either MAN or the customer‘s own vehicles, drivers learn to control their trucks/buses in critical situations and to avoid accidents.

Know your vehicle.

You can only drive a vehicle efficiently and safely if you know it inside out. A detailed half-day instruction course on the functions and controls of MAN trucks and buses lays the foundation for safe and economic handling of vehicles.